Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Collages- play date (12/20)

To start off our holiday play date, the kids bounced away all their energy in the moonbounce... yes, this was indoors!!!
Next we did a Book Swap Boogie.  The kids (and some mamas) showed off their best dance moves as we played music.  When the music stopped, so did we.  After a few rounds, each child chose a wrapped book from the collection on the floor.  Each guest brought a new, wrapped book to share and in return brought home a new read for their own collection!
Now for the Christmas Collage Decorations: Each guest brought an eclectic supply of collage materials to share.  We spread out a picnic blanket and sprinkled all the materials in the center.  Everyone got a paintbrush and (applesauce) dish filled with glue... here are some of our creations...

You will need: (just some suggestions) felt, foam shapes & letters, wiggle eyes, scissors, paper, feathers, sequins

A marvelous batch of stay-at-home-mamas!!! (and some teenies, too)

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