Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shave Cream- playdate (4/24)

Water Bottle Flowers (4/23)

 What you need: tray of paint, paper, empty plastic bottle

Shave Cream (4/23)

 This is probably one of our very favorite activities (as you may see, we have done this many times)!

Door Hangers (7/3)

 What you need: foam door hangers, sticker-backed foam, markers, scissors
 Ethan wrote, "I am ogre." 

Sticker Signs (9/18)

The girls used the stickers to decorate their cardstock.  Kelsey also drew a person with pencil and colored with her school crayons.

Jan Brett's Mossy (9/20)

I'm on Jan Brett's mailing list.  Every-so-often I get a newsletter talking about her upcoming books and where she'll be doing book signings.  There's a new book coming out called Mossy and on the back of the newsletter there was a turtle with garden accessories.  Kelsey and I cut them out and left them for Sydney to glue on.

Cutting Ribbon (9/3)

 The girls used scissors to cut various ribbons into various lengths.

Little Gym Countdown (9/2012)

 Sydney has been waiting ALL YEAR to join The Little Gym.  Here's our countdown.

Watercolor (9/6)

 Watercolors, brushes, white computer paper, and dishes of water were set out for the girls to discover in the morning.

Rainbow Fish (9/7)

 In Kindergarten, they read The Rainbow Fish and decorated a fish.  Sydney wanted to make one, too so I had to work my magic and come up with a similar one.  They colored them with crayons and added stickers.  Kelsey did some extra trimming with her scissors.

Gluing Ribbon (9/4)

 We used brushes to spread glue onto ribbon and paper.

Infant Formula Drums (9/9)

 Empty formula cans were transformed into drums.  I cut easel paper to fit around the can.  The girls decorated with stickers.  We taped it down to the can, added pony beads inside, then hot glued the lids on (Kelsey insisted on ribbon for around her neck so I poked holes in the sides and thread a ribbon through before gluing on the lid.).  Finally, they used permanent markers to decorate the lids.    Chopsticks make ideal drumsticks!

Scrapbook from Sarah (9/9)

 A truly belated birthday gift from our good friend Sarah, a scrapbook kit with everything but the photos included!

Onion/Orange Mesh Painting (9/9)

 Take the packaging sack from onions or oranges to make this "brush."  We used primary colors of paint.  Sydney amazed me as she swirled each color combo and called out the secondary colors that she made!