Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mashed Bananas (4/6)

What you need: ripe bananas, potato masher (recipe for buttermilk banana bread... i just did a google search)

Wall Clings(4/5)

 What you need: wall clings, dry erase marker, scissors
 Kelsey drew a face and said it was her baby brother.  She then wrote letters at the top (almost her name) and said it was the baby's name.  She has been into saying and writing "random" letters.  Sydney decided to cut her wall cling.

Stuffed Animal Drawing (4/5)

 What you need: paper, object to draw, pen
 Kelsey was sitting next to me then all of a sudden said, "Quick, I need a pen!"  She then asked for paper and said, "I need to draw this chick."  She started drawing the stuffed chick but then decided, "actually, i think this is a pig."  She asked how to write pig then said, "actually, i want to call it a funny pig."  She sounded out the phrase and wrote it all on her own.  This was her first time doing Kid Writing!

Puffins from Pinterest (4/5)

 What you need: muffin or cupcake tins, paper liners or cooking spray, oven, pancake mix, water, syrup, pancake toppings of your choice (we have tried: cut up pieces of heat n serve sausage, bacon bits, banana, frozen strawberries, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, cut up pieces of candy bar, m&ms [they sink to bottom and stick to liners])
What to do: Mix 1 c pancake mix, 1/2 c syrup, 2/3 c syrup (will be very runny).  Pour into tins.  Add toppings.  Bake 350 for 12-14 minutes.

Egg Decorating: Part 6- stickers (4/5)

 Our various styles of egg decorating!!!
 What you need: hard boiled eggs, stickers

Baby Reveal (4/4)

 What you need: ultrasound, pregnant mama, marker, BIG sister

Egg Decorating: Part 4 & 5- rubber bands & sponges/Q-tips (4/4)

 What you need: hard boiled eggs, rubber bands, dye in dishes of water
What you need: hard boiled eggs, sponges cut into small pieces, Q-tips, dye in dishes of water


Egg Decorating: Part 3- tattoos (4/3)

 What you need: hard boiled eggs, temporary tattoos, damp paper towels

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Egg Decorating: Part 1 & 2- glitter & wax relief (4/3)

 What you need: hard boiled eggs, egg decorating kit... this one was a glitter kit but it only made about 3 super sparkly eggs and we managed to make 3 more with minimal shine, water, dishes for the water & dye (next year, we will add vinegar b/c the colors weren't very vibrant this time around)

 What you need: hard boiled eggs, white wax crayons for "relief" effect, dishes of water & dye

Silly Putty Eggs from Easter Bunny (3/30)

 We went to story time at Barnes and Noble... mass crowds!!! Then hung out to meet the Easter Bunny, with our best buds, The Buddenhagens.  After the photo op, the Easter Bunny gave us silly putty in eggs which we explored when we got home.

 Kelsey put her silly putty in a portfolio sleeve and stepped on it!  What fun!  Sydney used it in a more traditional way.

What you need: eggs, silly putty, scissors, portfolio sleeve

Gifts for Grammy (3/30)

 We went to Color Me Mine to decorate travel mugs for part of my mom's bday gift.  Everything you need is supplied for you...except the smocks!