Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sandy Situation

Re-inspired by The Artful Parent, we changed up the way we used our traditional art supplies.  We added violet sand to some green paint (super shortage on the paint department, actually plan to head out today to restock).  Also, instead of using our long paper at the table, I taped it to the floor. (Of course, I might re-think this, having JUST mopped the floor two days ago, oh well...)  It was quite amusing to see how they "rediscovered" our everyday supplies.
 First, they started by painting with brushes.
 When I asked, "What does the paint feel like with sand in it?" Kelsey stuck her hands in and suggested, "It's crumbly."
 Kelsey then told Sydney, "You can just paint with your fingers, Syd."  Sydney took this very literally; she placed her finger on her paper then painted over her finger again and again.
 Sydney had a brilliant idea of painting her feet.  Kelsey quickly caught on.

 Kelsey worked in this pose for about twenty minutes.  I think she would have gone longer but we ran out of supplies!