Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gak (1/18)

What you need: 8oz glue, 1/2 c warm water, 1 teaspoon Borax, large bowl, small bowl, tempera paint or food coloring optional (the tempera paint didn't mix well for us) What to do: In a large bowl, dump the glue.  In a small bowl dissolve the Borax in the warm water.  Add the Borax/water mix to the large bowl of glue.  Add in coloring.  Mix. Explore.  Store airtight.

*Kelsey was impressed that she wrapped a piece around the window handle!

Coloring with Homemade Crayons (1/17)

What you need: homemade crayons from previous activity, paper

Baking Crayons (1/16)

 What you need: foil (I didn't remember to line the tin until just before putting it in the oven so I had to dump all the crayons out and refill), oven safe tin (we used our star cookie pop mold, old crayons paper removed), oven  What to do: Line a tin with foil.  Remove paper from crayons.  Break old crayons into small pieces.  Fill tin with crayons.  Bake @300 degrees for 8 minutes.  The crayons will be completely melted.  Be cautious removing them from the oven.  I tipped ours and some spilled out.  Luckily, I had the stars on another tray.  Cool completely before removing.  To remove excess hardened wax from tin, put in freezer then scrape off.

Face Painting (1/15)

The kids have been begging to do facepaint.  We got two kits in the clearance bins at Michael's for $3 each.  They come with an idea booklet, face paints, brush, sponge.  All you need is water and maybe a mirror!  I let them go all out on their own.  They wanted to pick from the booklet so without further are Sydney the Butterfly and Kelsey the "Batman" Super Hero:



Ari's Safari: Part 2 (1/15)

The other project we missed at the party was decorating safari hats.  What you need: animal stickers, plastic safari hat

Ari's Safari: Part 1 (1/14)

Today we celebrated Ari's 2nd birthday with a safari theme.  We arrived late because we couldn't find the place so we missed out on the activity but her mom was so kind as to let us bring home the supplies.

What you need: white vinyl bag, Crayola fabric markers, dryer (to set the markers)

Salad Spinners (1/13)

What you need: paint, coffee filter (cut to fit...or any paper cut to fit), glitter, salad spinner w/lid

 *I just thought the inside looked cool after all the colors were spun!

Excelsior (1/12)

What you need: paint, excelsior (birds nest craft material), paper

 *Kelsey used our hand print coloring mixing as a reference for color mixing discussion!