Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sensory Table: Water Beads (10/14)

What you need: water beads, water, various containers (I though they looked cool in water bottles) Sydney gave out water beads as part of her Sponge Bob party favors. They are teeny tiny until they absorb water and multiple a number of times (in the past we had other brands that dehydrated after a while and we reused them, these ones are going on a month and still wet and big)

Sensory Table: Beans (10/22)

What you need: dried beans, various lids and scoops *I bought 6 bags of beans at the dollar store for $1 each.

C is for Cereal (10/14)

What you need: paper, peel-n-stick foam, scissors, reinforcement stickers (the little hole-punch thingies, brown & yellow crayons We cut a bowl shape out of foam & stuck it on the paper. Next, we colored the stickers with crayons. Finally, we filled the bowl with stickers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

G is for Ghost (10/21)

This was super quick but the girls had fun. We stuck on foam ghosts and drew on mouths with a permanent marker. They glued on wiggly eyes, too. What you need: foam peely-backed ghosts (or cut your own shapes of foam or paper and glue them on), wiggly eyes, glue, permanent marker (or any marker should do)

E is for Elephant (10/21)

What you need: glue, scissors, paper, paint (we ran out of black and white so made do with mixing primary colors together for a murky color), brush, wiggly eyes, light gray cardstock We continue to make an alphabet book, when we have free time and interest. To make an elephant, paint your hands. Press them at the top of the paper with the fingers to the top, then turn the paper around and the elephants will be walking right-side up (we found this easier than turning our hands inward and printing them at the bottom- if that makes any sense?). Cut out thin gray cardstock to make ears and a fringy tail. Glue on wiggly eyes. Walah- an elephant!

Growing Indoor Plant (10/28)

What you need: avacado pit, jar of water, 3 toothpicks, food dye (optional)
Fill jar with water. Add dye if desired. Insert the toothpicks around the midline of the cleaned pit. Prop the toothpicks on the edge of the jar making sure one part of the pit is submerged. Wait................................. eventually a sprout will appear and many roots will fill the jar.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Poster for Halloween (10/12)

We used a backdrop from the cardstore (courtesy of my mom)& stck on Halloween stickers.

Sponge Bob thank you cards (10/10)

Sydney had a Sponge Bob-themed birthday party. Here are the thank you cards we gave for gifts. We used a rectangle sponge, painted it yellow, pressed it to piece of blue paper, glued on wiggly eyes, and made a small red mouth with sticky-backed foam.

F is for Fish (10/9)

We are making an alphabet book. We dipped a fish-shaped sponge in paintand onto paper. We just so happened to have this style sponge that has a slit to hang it on your faucet, looking like a fish; you can just cut a regular sponge!

C is for Candle (10/8)

We're making an alphabet book. First we put blobs of paint at the top of the page. We poked holes with a pin so that we could blow instead of suck the paint to make a flame look. We shook on glitter to make the flame sparkle. Oragami paper was cute into strips and glued under the flames to make candles.

Soft Dough (10/29)

Hurricane Sandy is here. School is cancelled. I found this recipe on Pinterest and wanted to make it while we still have use of the stove. I split the recipe in half for each child (because they wanted to make different colors) to make one full batch. What you need: stove, pot, spoon, measuring cups; 2 cups baking soda (one box), 1 cup corn starch, 1 1/2 c water, food coloring and/or essential oil optional Add food coloring/essential oil to water. Mix in pot with corn starch and baking soda. Heat on medium until a ball forms. It's a little sticky at first and very hot to knead so I suggest an adult knead it and pat it flat to cool it quickly for play. *WHY ARE THE LAYOUT AND FONTS ALL MIXED UP? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BLOG? It's only letting me upload one photo at a time. argh...