Friday, March 30, 2012

Cafe Menus- play date (3/10)

Cousins waiting to be seated at the "cafe"

 coloring on place mats
 the menu
the drawings

While in North Carolina, the cousins loved our Mama in Pajamas Cafe idea.  We re-created the event for the kids.  Everyone colored their place mats while they waited for their meals.  What you need: paper, crayons

Sticker Books (3/9)

How convenient... Grammy's Hallmark store just got in a whole line of Melissa and Doug products and she just so happened to bring some along on our 10 hour drive to North Carolina.  We used one kit to make princesses.  The other kit made really fun and stylish faces.  What you need: Melissa & Doug sticker books, paper

Sydney didn't like the pre-printed noses; she covered them up with the mouth stickers EVERY time!

Birthday Wishes (3/7)

Another birthday means more colorful drawings.  What you need: greeting cards or paper, markers, envelopes

Trucking Through Play Doh- play date (3/6)

Little Miss Lilliana Mae

We were the only ones that managed to show up for the play date so our friend got out some play doh.  The girls were very into mixing the colors.  I was a little nervous that we'd be owing them some new play doh since we "ruined" all the colors but she said her son would probably be SO excited to have brown because the ONLY thing he does with the play doh is drive trucks on them and now it looked like mud... an unexpected success!  We then used trucks to make tracks.  What you need: play doh, trucks

Pizazzy Party Plates (3/6)

We were supposed to have a party play date for one of our mommy friends.  We were in charge of plates and napkins.  We wanted to add some pizazz to our plates so we added stickers.  Unfortunately, the party was cancelled but we fortunately used our plates at another gathering.  What you need: paper plates, assortment of stickers

Yogurt Drops (3/6)

We got this idea from Pinterest.  Drop spoonfuls of yogurt onto a lined pan and freeze.  We only buy vanilla yogurt so to add a little more flavor we blended in frozen strawberries before making our drops.  Yummy! NOTE: once out of the freezer, they melt very quickly, so eat up...quickly!!!  What you need: yogurt, spoon, (fruit & blender: optional), lined tray, freezer

Cutting Up the Wall (3/5)

What you need: wall space, tape/stapler, scissors, marker, large sheet of paper  What to do: Draw different types of lines on large paper.  Adhere to the wall.  Have children cut along the lines.  Sydney decided that when she was done cutting, she needed to rip the paper into pieces and crumple them.

Carwash (3/4)

 The garage was in desperate need of organizing, so while Benny and I were busy building the new shelving unit, Kelsey took it upon herself to fill two empty orange juice containers from our dramatic play kitchen with soap and water.  I gave the girls a paintbrush and said they could paint the driveway or wash the car.  What you need: soap, water, paintbrush, container

Coloring Cafe (3/4)

The girls begged to have a sleepover downstairs so I succumbed.  We watched a movie, cozied up on the floor, ate popcorn, and finally went to sleep (after midnight- ugh!) The next morning, I made a picture menu for breakfast.  What you need: paper, pencil What to do: draw and label food items you have available and are willing to make for breakfast.  The girls excitedly dined at Mama in Pajamas Cafe.  While they awaited their order, they drew on their place mats.  What you need: Crayola Twistables, paper place mats  When they were finished eating, I gave them a picture survey to fill out on the service, food, and bathrooms What you need: handmade survey on paper, pencils

Funny that Sydney rated the bathrooms good & bad, considering she hadn't even been yet! Maybe it was because were in Week 2 of her potty training?!