Monday, October 29, 2012

Poster for Halloween (10/12)

We used a backdrop from the cardstore (courtesy of my mom)& stck on Halloween stickers.

Sponge Bob thank you cards (10/10)

Sydney had a Sponge Bob-themed birthday party. Here are the thank you cards we gave for gifts. We used a rectangle sponge, painted it yellow, pressed it to piece of blue paper, glued on wiggly eyes, and made a small red mouth with sticky-backed foam.

F is for Fish (10/9)

We are making an alphabet book. We dipped a fish-shaped sponge in paintand onto paper. We just so happened to have this style sponge that has a slit to hang it on your faucet, looking like a fish; you can just cut a regular sponge!

C is for Candle (10/8)

We're making an alphabet book. First we put blobs of paint at the top of the page. We poked holes with a pin so that we could blow instead of suck the paint to make a flame look. We shook on glitter to make the flame sparkle. Oragami paper was cute into strips and glued under the flames to make candles.

Soft Dough (10/29)

Hurricane Sandy is here. School is cancelled. I found this recipe on Pinterest and wanted to make it while we still have use of the stove. I split the recipe in half for each child (because they wanted to make different colors) to make one full batch. What you need: stove, pot, spoon, measuring cups; 2 cups baking soda (one box), 1 cup corn starch, 1 1/2 c water, food coloring and/or essential oil optional Add food coloring/essential oil to water. Mix in pot with corn starch and baking soda. Heat on medium until a ball forms. It's a little sticky at first and very hot to knead so I suggest an adult knead it and pat it flat to cool it quickly for play. *WHY ARE THE LAYOUT AND FONTS ALL MIXED UP? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BLOG? It's only letting me upload one photo at a time. argh...