Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reindeer Food (12/24)

 What you need: an assortment of snacks that are reindeer-friendly, glitter, container, (optional: bags to distribute finished product) We used popcorn, Craisins, animal crackers, raisins, peanuts, shredded carrots, & mini marshmallows
 Add all ingredients to a container.
 Sprinkle in glitter so it glistens and the reindeer will have no trouble spotting their special snack... don't worry, Santa's reindeer can ingest glitter with no problems!!!
 Shake up ingredients and add to your own bag.

 Have a taste test with all of the ingredients to see if the reindeer will enjoy their night snack.  Make your tasting plate BEFORE adding in the glitter!

Sprinkle the food outside before bedtime on Christmas Eve!  You can also make this snack during the other days of winter to sprinkle outside for the squirrels and birds!

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