Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Countdown (December)

 Every morning, Kelsey trims Santa's beard to help us count down the days until Christmas.  The asterisks at the last couple of numbers let us know when Hanukkah is on it's way.
 Sydney adds a sticker each morning.  When the star sticker is placed on the top of the tree, Santa Claus will come and hopefully leave us some special prizes.  *We also eat a piece of chocolate from Grammy's Advent Calendars (tradition)!!!

 What you need (Santa): red paper, white paper, pink paper, cardstock, one white pom pom, pen, scissors, wiggly eyes, glue, ruler...Cut pieces to make santa, assemble and glue together.  Add a pom pom on the hat.  Use a ruler to measure out lines on Santa's beard.
What you need (tree): cardstock, 24 stickers, brown paper, green paper, glue, scissors, pen...Cut out a tree and trunk.  Write numbers 1-24 on the tree.  Add a sticker each day.  Save a star or angel sticker for the top!

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