Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkeys (11/21)

 What you need: contruction paper, pencil, scissors, glue stick, wiggle 

Surprisingly, the youngest wanted to do all the steps on her own while the middles wanted assistance. The oldest wanted no part in our method of making a turkey and simply drew one with a pencil.

 1) Trace your foot to make the turkey's body.
2) Cut out your tracing.

3) To a full sheet of paper, glue body and pre-cut (or have kids cut their own) feather shapes in assorted colors; you can also buy craft feathers.

4) Pre-cut a beak, feet, and a waddle and glue on where desired.
 5) Glue on wiggle eyes and display for Thanksgiving!

Sydney- age 2
Joshua- age 4
Kelsey- age 4
Ethan- age 6


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