Saturday, July 28, 2012

History House (4/28)

Today we visited, a one-room schoolhouse.  

We learned that instead of a pencil, children used a quill (the ones we used were from geese, found in the front yard of the schoolhouse).  The ink was made, just as in the old days, with ashes from the fireplace & water, along with a little glue.
We looked at lots of different objects and tried to figure out what they were used for.
We were all called out of the schoolhouse to participate in a cake walk (we won 9 cupcakes & 4 bags of cookies... don't worry, we weren't greedy...everyone one at least twice!).  
Then the kids were given brown bags to collect peanuts off the ground...and then candy (old fashioned games, perhaps?).
We ventured over to build a birdhouse for Blue Birds.  They don't use a perch and don't like perches because that means other birds might nest there...they fly straight into the house hole!  We had our photo taken for a local paper...guess I should have asked which one, whoops!
Finally, we ventured back into the schoolhouse to sit in an old school desk, read some books, and test out a chalkboard. 
*I didn't get a pic of us chatting with the women sewing a huge quilt.

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