Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Neglect (SUMMER)

 Summer Fun Time... this summer I'm preggo with NUMBER 3 and we have my sister and 3 kids staying with us so I say, "I have an excuse for neglecting the blog!"  My apologies... hopefully once the baby arrives, summer comes to an end, guests return to North Carolina, and Kelsey starts half-day Kindergarten, I won't feel so overwhelmed and I can get back to posting and providing activities... And as a side note,  my camera is broken for good... trying to persuade my husband to buy a new one but he says, "I'm not buying you a new camera, you break them every two years!"  Obviously, it's the cameras NOT me!!!
 This was taken last month...only 3 weeks left to go...

 flying a kite on the sidewalk
relay races, trikes and bikes... outdoor summer fun!!!

 balls & play houses

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