Saturday, July 28, 2012

Clothes Pin Match Learning Game (5/16)

 What you need: strips of paper, pen, clothespins, permanent marker
With a pen, write the letters of the alphabet, in order across the strips of paper.  We made one set of upper and one of lower case letters.  For a second activity, write desired numbers in order, on strips of paper.  Write matching letters (and numbers) with the permanent markers on the clothespins.  You can write capital letters on one side and lower case on the other if you'd like.  For the numbers, I put the appropriate number of dots on one side of the clothespin and the numeral on the other.

 We made a game... Put all the clothespins in a baggie.  Close your eyes, reach in, and pull out a letter (or number).  Look at the strips and clip your clothespin to the correct spot.  You can also try to match the lower case clips to the upper case paper strips of vice versa!

 Here's the number version...

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