Friday, March 2, 2012

Utensil Painting (2/27)

What you need: plate of paint, kitchen utensils (preferably ones that are dishwasher safe for easier clean-up)
I had them pick two primary colors so they could witness color mixing.  Kelsey looked at our (hand print) color mixing chart to decide what colors she'd need for her desired secondary color.  Sydney picked blue and yellow, her two favorite colors.

They then made designs on their paper paint plate, using their fingers.


They both stamped the utensils; Sydney was more into it.  Kelsey really wanted to coat her hands in paint.  Sydney them realized she could mix all the colors with her hands and excitedly announced, "I'm making green!"  Kelsey then decided to make designs on the paper plate of paint.  She made some swirls and her own version of "tic-tac-toe."  Finally, Kelsey managed to stack and intertwine the utensils to make a sculpture.  She said it was "a campfire" and "a fort."

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