Friday, March 30, 2012

Coloring Cafe (3/4)

The girls begged to have a sleepover downstairs so I succumbed.  We watched a movie, cozied up on the floor, ate popcorn, and finally went to sleep (after midnight- ugh!) The next morning, I made a picture menu for breakfast.  What you need: paper, pencil What to do: draw and label food items you have available and are willing to make for breakfast.  The girls excitedly dined at Mama in Pajamas Cafe.  While they awaited their order, they drew on their place mats.  What you need: Crayola Twistables, paper place mats  When they were finished eating, I gave them a picture survey to fill out on the service, food, and bathrooms What you need: handmade survey on paper, pencils

Funny that Sydney rated the bathrooms good & bad, considering she hadn't even been yet! Maybe it was because were in Week 2 of her potty training?!

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