Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Shower giftwrap & greeting card (2/4)

Although kids weren't invited to Aunt Sarah's baby shower, the girls still wanted to wrap the hand-picked gift and make a greeting card.  What you need: markers, paper, scissors, stickers, tape, wrapping paper *I let the kids work together and this is the end result :)

 We held the reception at Cafe Metro in Jersey.  We went with a bird/nest/egg theme and tried to keep it low key.
 We printed the personalized menu for the guests with a nest of eggs at the top.  The handmade egg soaps were made by Broken Road Farms, ordered from Etsy.  There were delicious smelling brown sugar!  We put them in little glass baking dishes and excelsior nests along with some elegant craft birds' feathers.
 Here are the special-order cupcakes, Lady Bakewell flavor from Warm Sugar Cupcakery.  Super YUM!!!
 A spin on the classic "pass the parcel" game we grew up playing at birthday celebrations... "Pass the baby."  Guests passed the baby as "Twinkle Twinkle" played.  When the music stopped a layer of clothes (15 in all) was removed.  A little paper revealed either "Oh baby, you win a prize!" or "Poop on you, better luck next time!"  The last layer was a diaper.
 "Someone is about to hatch in the Birnbaum nest..."

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