Friday, March 30, 2012

Flower Garden Countdown Calender- spring (3/1)

 What you need: various colors of contruction paper, scissors, stapler and/or tape, large sheet of paper
*It's probably obvious that I did all the work on this one, but it was more of a fun countdown that I was going to do for the kids, as a surprise when they woke up.  The countdown 'til Spring is very important, as it means for FREE Rita's Water Ice and hope of nicer weather (and a play date hosted by us where all of us take a stroll about 5 blocks down the main street to get said FREE water ice)!!!  Your children can make their own flowers by cutting our colorful shapes and arranging them on the end of a stem then adhering them to the larger background paper. I also made a butterfly for each garden.

 Each morning, pull off a flower from the garden and count how many days remain!

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