Monday, August 29, 2011

Zig-zag Zebras

Kelsey must be hearing all the hub bub of school going on these days because every day she asks for schoolwork.  I was never one for worksheets but she absolutely LOVES them.  Sydney, too, has been asking for homework. (How endearing!)  For a while now, I've been submitting teaching ideas to The Mailbox and have been lucky enough to receive $20 towards their catalog per each accepted idea...recently I decided to use $80 of my credits to get resource activity books. (Of course, they're loaded with worksheets)  So, long story...short...I traced the zebra and instead of the suggested "drawing the letter z with black crayons" I decided to have Kelsey pick 2 colors to paint with Q-tips.
Have you ever seen a zebra with orange and pink Z-stripes?
 She then made her own picture.  She said, "I want to make an illustration."

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