Monday, August 29, 2011

A Colorful Nature Hunt

Hurricane Irene swept through quickly and thankfully we only lost power for 6.5 hours.  Although we had two days of extreme winds and rain, today was the most gorgreous of days. We went on two, one-hour walks.  The first turned into a "take away" nature color hunt.  I forgot the camera so we only took things that were on the ground.  (Next time we'll take some photos as we find things...the stroller basket was getting very full!)  When we made it back home, I set out white cardstock and the kids sorted the colors, picking out the items of the color I called out:

 Kelsey's FAVORITE find; she made me take a photo of her holding it!
 Sydney's TOP PICK...berries... she wouldnt let the cluster go, all day! (They're resting at the bottom of the staircase as she sleeps.)

The second walk was actually because Kelsey had misplaced a dramatic play spoon and insisted it was dropped on our walk.  We retraced our steps and still no such luck...
Thankfully this uprooted tree didn't land on our house but it did on TWO nearby houses... unreal!

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