Monday, August 29, 2011

Pass Some Cheese, Please!

 Prepare a plate of all the cheeses in the fridge (oh extra sharp cheddar, how I miss thee... avoiding it b/c of my high cholestrol and it's too tempting)!
 List all of the cheeses, like so.
 Lovin' Monterey Jack
 Sydney does NOT like goat cheese!
 Washing it down with some apple juice.
 What a cheese ball!
Put smile stickers next to the cheese if you like it and a frown if you don't (Kelsey loves all cheeses).  Put a star sticker next to your favorite cheese.  *I was surprised that Kelsey chose mozzerella.  Since we replaced Cheddar with Monterey Jack, that's all she asks for.  Although she keeps forgetting what it's called and has been calling it "Breinigsville Cheese" & "Barnes & Noble Cheese?" (lol)

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