Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spelling with Scrabble (3/20)

 What you need: a game of scrabble, permanent marker
Kelsey has been extremely interested in letters and sounding out words.  I had planned to save this game a little longer before retrieving it from the attic but anyway; I aksed her to spell her name with the letter tiles and she was having a hard time finding the "right" ones (because when I taught her to write her name, I didn't teach her in all capitals...personal preference).  So, my wheels were turning and I decided to flip over each letter tile and scribe the lower case letter on each.  As soon as I did this, ta-dah, she spelled her full name in a jiffy!!!  We then played a letter hunt game and she asked me to show her how to spell some words.  Kindergarten can't come soon enough! :p

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