Friday, November 4, 2011

Small Stained Glass

 After Christmas, The Christmas Tree Shops had bunches of craft items in their clearance bins.  We added this 47 cent "stained glass" kit to Kelsey's birthday art bin back in June and just re-discovered it.  We of course had to wait for Sydney to fall asleep before sneaking back down in our jammies.  Much concentration was needed and it was quite frustrating because the granuales were so teeny.  Nonetheless, Kelsey worked on fine motor skills as she tweezed the little buggers into the metal butterfly and flower frames.  We followed the directions on the box to bake...
 We added a piece of magnet (included in the kit) to make a flower magnet. It's perfect to hold up one of Kelsey's drawings of the two of us. "Katie" and "Kelsey"

Here's one of the butterfly stained glass.  We had to attach our own string.

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