Saturday, September 17, 2011

Glitter is Glamorous with Girlfriends

Isn't glitter glamorous? Especially when it's covering my kitchen floor, tables, and all exposed body parts (sarcasm)!  Kelsey and Sydney picked out these fabulously inexpensive 3-d wood cutouts, glitter included for 79cents a piece at Michaels.  We invited our best gal pals, Grace and Libby (and their mommy, Kelly and lil' sis, Ememline) to enjoy in this glittery experience.

 Suggestion: cover work space with newspaper... and lots of it...maybe we should have spread something under the table as time (what? next time... uh, I DON'T THINK SO)!!!
 Libby's technique was to shake the bags of glitter back and forth as quickly as she could (while Kelly and I hoped some would stick to the cutout girl.)
 Kelsey thought it was best to shake some glitter on the girl then scrape the excess glitter from the table, over the edge hoping that the glitter would fall into her hands (and not on the floor as most of it did) to use again.
 Sydney shook her glitter here, there, and everywhere.
 Grace, the most practical of the bunch, strategically shook her glitter in various spots on the girl.

Suggestion: Keep a vacuum, or two, nearby... all in all this actually was quite a fun and fanciful activity (all sarcasm aside)!

Glittery Girlfriends

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