Monday, May 30, 2011

Cupcake Cuties

Bake a batch of mini cupcakes, as directed on the box, using paper liners (these ones were green with white polka dots).  I used white cake and added pink food coloring to the batter (because they were for a baby shower). 

While the cupcakes cool you can begin to prep the "babies in their beds":
For the baby faces one is supposed to use mini Nila wafers (but of course I bought a generic brand and the box read "bite size" which was NOT mini so I had to gently crumble the edges off of each cookie to make tiny faces).  The mouths are lip-shaped sprinkles (you could just use a toothpick to dab on a tiny bit of icing).
The eyes were dabs of icing we dyed blue (you could use any color sprinkle or icing to fit your needs).  For the hair, I dabbed a bit of icing and placed cut up pieces of yellow candy shoestring (again, you can use whatever color candy or icing you see fit).  Set aside.

For the blankets you will need to unwrap some Starbursts.  Heat them on a microwave safe plate, 5 seconds at a time, until slightly softened.  Set out wax paper and roll the starbursts with a rolling pin.  Cut the blankets into desired strips or sizes.  I ran out of Starbursts because my husband and daughter ate them before I was done.  The Dollar Store had generic Now & Thens which I had to use (because they didn't have Starbursts).  You can also use Laffy Taffies.  The Now & Laters were harder so they took longer to heat and I burned my fingers quite a few times so I would recommend using Starbursts.

Ice the cupcakes (you can dye it any color, I kept it white).  Now it's time to assemble. 

Dip one end of a mini marshmallow in icing and place it at the edge of a cupcake for a pillow, icing-dipped side up so the face sticks to it.

Place a face on the pillow.

Just covering the chin of the baby, place a blanket over the cupcake.  I also bought teeny plastic baby bottles from the Wedding/Baby isle at Michael's and peeked them out from each blanket.  You could use Teddy Grahams as a stuffed bear accessory.
*I stuck in the fridge overnight because it was hot out and the candy was getting melty!  Remind guests not to eat the bottle  : )

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