Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A House is a Home

We can't get enough of Michael's Craft Store clearance bins...every Friday after gymnastics we venture over and pick out a crafty treat. Last week's steal... $1.25 wooden birdhouse.  We took advantage of this rainy day to paint a new home for some local friends of a feather.  Speaking of homes and friends... our best gals, The Buddenhagens, just moved to a new house and we're headed over for a play date.  I made a quick and easy snack to celebrate.  Graham Cracker Houses: Seperate graham cracker rectangles into squares by gently breaking along perferation.  To make a triangle roof, cut squares on an angle using a sharp knife.  Spread one traingle with some canned frosting and place atop a square.  Melt white baking chips in microwave and pour into a baggie to pipe on a door.  I used teeny gingerbread men sprinkles to stand in the doorway to welcome new guests.  ; )     (Please forgive my photo layout... everytime I attempt to do something "fancy" it ends in a catastrophe. So, until I have some REAL time, this will have to do!)

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  1. Those houses are so cute!!! I so totally love the theming!!